In a world with notifications for things as simple as standing up once every hour, it’s easy to forget the importance of teaching time management. Despite Artificial Intelligence and virtual assistants, the ability to structure each day is a powerful skill you need to teach your child. Here’s why...

1. Less Stress

Not knowing how long one should spend completing a task can be stressful to both parent and child. Teaching your child to “know” the length of five vs fifteen minutes means they will confidently leave the house on time each morning as opposed to stressfully running out the door, forgetting their homework on their unmade bed.

2. Less Conflict

A less stressed child is less likely to act out against their parents and teachers. The goal of teaching time management is not just increasing productivity, but also alleviating negativity from the household. Just think of the last time you reminded your kid three times to complete the same task and the final reminder was not past your boiling point. We share your pain.

3. Better Grades

By grade three, your child will already have multiple subjects with different teachers, as well as homework from each. Without effective prioritization and task management, your child will struggle to complete each assignment. This compounds much like interest on debt, as middle school, high school, and college are just around the corner.

4. More Fun

When your kid is able to stay on task, they finish their chores, homework, and morning routine much faster, leaving more time to schedule the fun stuff. Just as important as completing homework, dedicated blocks of free time motivate your child to keep pace throughout the rest of their activities.

5. It Helps The Whole Family

Teaching your kid to organize their day will greatly reward parents and siblings. Not only are parents able to spend less time nagging their child, they will enjoy seeing their progeny independently checking off tasks all on their own. When your child builds confidence through accomplishment, the entire house benefits.

Our goal in founding Progeny was to empower our children with life skills we learned as a child that are missing in today’s digitally distracted culture. The instrument of a watch teaches children time awareness, responsibility, and limits excuses.

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