Progeny is a luxury watch and accessories brand primarily serving customers under the age of 18. We must ensure the safety of our young clientele as the highest priority in our manufacturing process. The US and EU markets are strictly regulated by the following entities (CPSIA, CA Prop 65, REACH, CE, RoHS), and we cannot import any goods that fail these requirements.

Alibaba Trade Assurance

Every Progeny manufacturing order must be processed through Alibaba Trade Assurance to ensure both parties are protected.


All of our logo files are available to download and use for initial designs, mockups, etc. You can find them on our website here.

The design files, 2D & 3D engineering drawings (if applicable), and any other relevant documents must be provided to your Progeny contact before initial payment via Alibaba Trade Assurance is completed.

Technical Specifications

The technical specification sheet as referenced in the sales contract will be supplied to you directly from your contact at Progeny and must be attached to the Alibaba Trade Assurance order before initial payment will be processed.

Sales Contract

All suppliers to Progeny must download and complete (marked in red) the Progeny Sales Contract. This contract serves to clearly identify the manufacturing standards, quality control thresholds, as well as restricted substances and compliance for US and EU standards.

Inspection & Lab Testing

The first factory inspection for quality control (< AQL) and the first lab test for restricted substances will be paid by Progeny, however, in the event that an order fails either of the two tests, the supplier will be required to remake the goods according to the required standards, and pay to re-inspect and re-test the goods at the same laboratories.


Initial and balance payments will be paid directly through Alibaba Trade Assurance (e-checking - NO FEE), and will only be paid when the following has been completed:

1. Supplier creates Alibaba Trade Assurance order

2. Supplier uploads co-signed Sales Contract to Alibaba Trade Assurance Order

3. Supplier uploads design files, 2D & 3D engineering drawings (if applicable), and any other relevant documents to Alibaba Trade Assurance Order

4. Supplier indicates shipping date based off initial deposit payment date (i.e. 45 days after initial payment), NOT based off balance payment date, as to ensure production timeline is properly tracked in Alibaba Trade Assurance.

Supporting Documents

Below are the download links for the supporting documents as referenced in the sales contract.

1. Progeny Restricted Substance & Compliance Guide

2. CA Prop 65 Restricted Substance List (RSL)

3. ASTM 2923

4. ASTM 963

5. ASTM 2999