Tripping on Toys


Tired of Toys?

You aren’t alone.

According to a study by The Toy Association (, the average house in the United States has 71 toys. Twenty percent of households have over 100 toys, and a tenth of them have over 200.

Not only are parents literally tripping on toys, they are spending large sums of money on gifts that get used once, and sometimes less. Parents in the US spent over $27 billion in 2017 on toys. At an individual child level, parents will spend over $6500 over the lifetime of their child. That translates to more than $500 a year, assuming one stops receiving toys by the teenage years.

These facts are not foreign to parents like us. As we prepared our home for the arrival of our third child, we were shocked at the number of toys collected over the years.

This prompted us to find a better way to celebrate our children. Looking at what I still had from my childhood, the only gift that remains is a pocket-watch once owned by my grandfather.

Fast forward nine months, we are just weeks away from a Kickstarter launch of the Progeny brand including pre-sales of three unique models. We are very excited to bring a refreshing new approach to presenting children with something worth passing down for generations.

Progeny stands for more than just watches. We quickly discovered the amazing curiosity of our children as they first interacted with their timepiece. They expressed a desire to understand the concept of time beyond any other experience we could remember. Their fascination with the history of measuring and keeping time, as well as the mechanics of watchmaking, led us to spend many fun hours researching and exploring horology.

Today, you can’t ask the time in our house without one of our children jumping at the opportunity to show off their analog watch reading skills.

-Founding Family

Andries de Villiers